What's New - 7th September 2020

Police Professional (Online) has also published the article by Professor Colin Rogers of the International Centre for Policing and Security (ICPS) at the University of South Wales (USW) entitled; 'Police Legitimacy: How It Can Be Regained Once Lost.' Read more

The Police Foundation (Skidmore) has published a report entitled; 'Protecting People's Pensions: Understanding and Preventing Scams.' See Latest Reports

INTERPOL has published a report  entitled; 'Threats and Trends: Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse: Covid-19 Impact.' Read more

The Biometrics Commissioner has published a statement on 'Counter-Terrorism Policing’s request to extend Section 24 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 by six months.' Read more

Police Professional (Online) has reported that; 'Police forces across the UK have suffered a 21 per cent increase in assaults on their officers over the lockdown period.' Read more

The House of Lords Library has published a Lords Briefing Paper entitled; 'Local Lockdowns: The Legislative Framework in England.' Read more

The College of Policing (CoP) has published an article by David Bamber, Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) Lead for Professional Development entitled; 'Recognising the needs of police officers and staff to help keep them safe.' Read more

The National Police Wellbeing Service (Oscar Kilo) has published an article entitled; 'Update to Blue Light Wellbeing Framework.' Read more

PolicingInsight (Online) has published an article by Owen West, PolicingInsight Contributor entitled; 'Outlawing legitimate protest and targeting campaign groups is dangerous and unsustainable.' Read more

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