What's New - 11th January 2021

The House of Commons and House of Lords Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) has published a report entitled; 'Legislative Scrutiny: Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill: Government Response to the Committee’s Tenth Report of Session 2019 -21, (Second Special Report of Session 2019–21).' See Latest Reports

The Home Office (HO) has published guidance entitled; 'Stalking Protection Orders: Statutory Guidance for the Police.' See Latest Reports

The Home Office (HO) has published a number of factsheets and draft amendments to the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Code of Practice. Read more

The Home Office (HO) has published material to support people affected by terrorist attacks overseas. Read more

Europol and Frontex have signed an agreement to exchange liaison officers as part of 'the Joint Action Plan signed by the Executive Directors of the two agencies last year, aimed at strengthening the agencies’ common effort in enhancing the security of European Union (EU) citizens.' Read more

The European Drug Emergencies Network (Euro-DEN Plus) is preparing to expand the network in 2021 to 'new hospital ‘sentinel’ centres in European cities outside the [European Union] EU.' Read more

PolicingInsight (Online) has published an article by Sergeant Ben Forbes of Essex Police entitled; 'Always believe in yourself: Seizing the opportunity for policing and academic achievement.' Read more

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