USW Professor asked to join Border Security Advisory Group

Christian Kaunert (BVAG) (17.01.2021).jpg

Professor Christian Kaunert

University of South Wales (USW) Policing and Security expert Professor Christian Kaunert has been asked to Co-Chair the Home Office Border Vision Advisory Group (BVAG).

BVAG has been established by Border Force, an operational command of the Home Office which is responsible for securing the UK border and controlling migration at ports and airports across the UK and overseas.

The Group will provide an opportunity for experts from several specialist fields to work alongside Border Force to drive academic research and horizon scanning into cutting-edge border solutions and port infrastructure and their implementation. It will advise on and help develop recommendations around border security enhancement, contactless travel and frontier traffic flow, priority areas, and identify and support research and development activity.

Prof Kaunert was chosen for the role because of his expertise in counter-terrorism, radicalisation, policy practice, public administration, and academic support.

“Students will be able to benefit from real life practical application experience of theoretical and original research on securing the UK border and for controlling migration at ports and airports across the UK and overseas,” Prof Kaunert said.

“They will benefit from significant experience acquired through research exchange on enhancing border security, increasing the use of innovative technology and developing new ways of working with industry which will help shape the border of the future, leading to an improved passenger experience and flow of freight.

“This will lead to better preparedness for the labour market and increased opportunities for students to get important jobs in the security industry, civil service (such as the Home Office or the Border Force) and world-class academic research skills that will be valuable across the globe.”


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