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Cyber-Attacks: what is hybrid warfare and why is it such a threat?

Ransomware attacks against organisations and businesses represent a new type of warfare aimed at disorganising and even destroying a nation’s economy. The problem is often identifying the culprits.  

Meet the researcher

From 24 September to 8 October 2021, school pupils from the South West of England had the opportunity to connect with local researchers as part of FUTURES Zone's FUTURES2021, celebrating European Researchers Night. Dr Ethem Ilbiz was one of the researchers who took part in this public engagement event. 

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TUECS is the acronym of ‘The Uberization of Europol’s Cybercrime Strategy’. It is a European Commission funded project under the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions Individual Fellowships grant agreement no 886141. 

Contact: Dr Ethem Ilbiz, Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow