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UACES 52nd Annual Conference 2022

Conference Paper, 08 September 2022 

Another research output of the TUECS project was presented at the 52nd Annual Conference of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies(UACES), held on 5-8 September 2022. In the virtual panel entitled 'EU Agencies in Transnational Criminal Enforcement: From a Coordinated Approach to an Integrated EU Criminal Justice', Dr Ilbiz and Prof Kaunert presented their recently published article 'Sharing Economy for Tackling Crypto-laundering: Europol Associated 'Global Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies'. The paper scrutinizes the facilitating role of Europol-associated cryptocurrency conferences on knowledge exchange and building networks between law enforcement agencies and blockchain analytics companies.

BISA Annual Conference 2022

Conference Paper, 14 July 2022 


At the British International Studies Association Annual Conference held on 14-17 July 2022, Dr Ilbiz shared one of his latest research outputs in the 'EU Agencies in Transnational Criminal Enforcement' panel. His paper 'No More Ransom: Uberization of Europol's Public Private Partnership' explains Europol's role in mitigating ransomware victimization through a sharing economy platform. The Europol-associated online platform facilitates decryption key sharing with victims, which law enforcement agencies and private companies provide.

Jean Monnet Network

Round Table Discussion, 10 December 2021

In a roundtable discussion organised by Jean Monnet Network on EU-Counterterrorism, Dr Ilbiz took part in a debate on the current border crisis in Poland and Belarus. Dr Ilbiz delivered his presentation from the Hybrid Warfare context and how authoritarian regimes might weaponize migrants against the EU sanctions.

Watch a recording of the discussion here


EUCTER Summer School

Lecture, 25 August 2021

In the EUCTER summer school, Dr Ilbiz gave a lecture about Encryption and Challenges in the context of counter-terrorism surveillance. In one hour lecture, Dr Ilbiz has highlighted the controversies about this highly complex and political technology.

Watch a recording of the discussion here

Jean Monnet Module Hybrid Warfare

Panel discussion, 16 June 2021

Dr Ilbiz chaired a panel in Jean Monnet Module Hybrid Warfare on 16 June 2021. The speakers in the panel discussed the impact of hybrid warfare tactics such as political interference and disinformation in democratic societies that have the potential to cause disorder. The panellists presented possible resilience strategies for democratic states how to regain order quickly and efficiently.

Opening of Jean Monnet Network on EU Counter-terrorism

Conference Presentation, 16 December 2020

Dr Ethem Ilbiz, Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre for Policing and Security, was invited to present at the Opening of Jean Monnet Network on EU Counter-terrorism. 

The focus of Dr Ilbiz's talk was how the EU promoted liberal norms have an electoral cost on candidate countries where political risks associated with counter-terrorism have an impact on the popularity ratings of an incumbent government. 

According to Dr Ilbiz, complying with the EU-promoted peaceful solution runs the risk of upsetting the dominant nationalist-conservative cluster, and the incumbent government may lose its voter popularity. On the other hand, political risks associated with non-compliance may cause economic instability, which again triggers losing voter popularity. In both choices, neither full compliance nor defiance may backfire to gain the support of the nationalist-conservative electorate. A moderate decision between the two may be the safest option for a candidate country government to diminish the electoral cost of counter-terrorism policy.

TUECS is the acronym of ‘The Uberization of Europol’s Cybercrime Strategy’. It is a European Commission funded project under the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions Individual Fellowships grant agreement no 886141.

Contact: Dr Ethem Ilbiz, Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow