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Members of the International Centre for Policing and Security (ICPS) are involved in the delivery of a wide range of modules and programmes on the themes of policing, international security and terrorism at all levels.

BSc (Hons) International Security and Risk Management

Year 1

  • Digital Policing & Security
  • Law, Governance and the Criminal Justice System
  • International Security
  • Geopolitics 1: European and Western Security
  • Securing communities
  • Understanding Vulnerability, Risk, and Threats in Society

Year 2

  • Managing a Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Geopolitics 2: Euro-Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Conflict
  • Intelligence and Covert Activities
  • Risk Management
  • Terrorism, Radicalisation and Migration Issues
  • Research Methods in Policing and Security

Year 3

  • Digital Security and Management
  • Intelligence Analysis and INTs
  • Geopolitics 3: Russia, China and Eastern Security
  • Cyber Security and Warfare
  • Research Project

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MSc (Hons) International Security and Risk Management

Members of the ICPS are also actively engaged in the delivery of the MSc International Security and Risk Management.

Why choose the MSc in International Security and Risk Management?
The MSc in International Security and Risk Management is a very attractive professional path for all the students aiming to be part of a renowned global leader in research in policing and counter-terrorism.

Our MSc offers the students the possibility to enhance the knowledge about international security, geopolitics and risk management, while diving into challenging modules to improve analysis skills in intelligence, counter-terrorism and other key issues such as organised crime. 

With a strong focus on horizon scanning and risk analysis, it offers the opportunity to use advance simulators, like Hydra, giving them an advantage in the job market as they will be experts in designing and operating in different scenario building situations, to identify threats and conceiving constructive and tailor-made solutions for complex security scenarios.

Students will have the opportunity to engage with the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, a prestigious and highly competitive EU Life Long Learning programme designed to undertake advanced research and teaching activities at world-leading research organisations in Europe, led by Prof Christian Kaunert.

Modules include:

  • International Security Theories and Methods
  • Terrorism and Counter-terrorism in Europe
  • Intelligence Studies
  • International Security of Drugs, Organised Crime and Human Trafficking
  • Risk Management and Analysis
  • Governing and Securing Cyber Space
  • European Union Security
  • Geopolitics of Natural Resources
  • Research Project 

Further information can be found here: MSc International Security and Risk Management