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Marie Curie Fellow: Dr Eyene Okpanachi

Dr Eyene Okpanachi is researching the challenges of return migration in Africa in the age of complex emergencies. He will be comparing multi-level governance systems in Ethiopia and Nigeria   

"I chose to undertake my Fellowship at USW because of its impressive track record of providing support for researchers, and its high value for equality and diversity. 

"The International Centre for Policing and Security (ICPS) is one of the leading centres of excellence for studying the migration-security problematic and it is staffed with scholars of high international repute, including my supervisor, Professor Christian Kaunert, who is also the holder of the prestigious Jean Monnet Chair in Policing and Counter-Terrorism in Europe. The opportunity to tap from the vast expertise and knowledge of these scholars places ICPS-USW as the perfect knowledge hub.  

"In addition, the ICPS offers the unique advantage of combining academic and policy/practitioner insights into the dynamics of policing and security, migration, borders, and justice specifically in the European, but also the international context. This is a perfect fit for my work that traverses disciplinary boundaries, focusing on return migration to Africa and its entanglement with the EU's external borders policy aimed at curbing irregular migration, and the complex emergencies faced by migrants transiting through Libya to Europe.

"Being a Marie Curie Fellow enables me to develop a global research network with leading researchers in security and migration,” said Dr Okpanachi. “I can draw on this network as well as the extensive network of my supervisor to enhance the visibility of my research output.

"It is helping to deepen my own understanding of return migration, but also to disseminate this much-needed knowledge to the research and policy community, especially in Africa."

Dr Eyene Okpanachi

Dr Eyene Okpanachiis part of the Terrorism and Security Research area, led by Professor Christian Kaunert. He is one of three Marie Curie Fellows at the  International Centre for Policing and Security.

Eyene's broad area of research and academic interests are comparative politics and international relations, but he is specifically interested in migration / mobility, security  (including terrorism and counter terrorism), conflict and peace processes, federalism and multi-level governance, natural resource politics, institutions and institutional reforms, public policy, and the politics of government decision-making.