About Us

The International Centre for Policing and Security

The International Centre for Policing and Security not only has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally for its undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Police Sciences, Community and Partnerships, and International Policing, but also for its outstanding teaching and research facilities.

Courses delivered by the International Centre for Policing and Security support the needs of police services, law enforcement agencies and the private security industry, and will allow students to develop skills such as; data analysis, problem solving, people management, communication and dealing with difficult situations.

The staff at the Centre have a wide variety of experience and skills, and are continually involved in undertaking research projects and attend conferences to develop their skills and to enhance the courses they deliver. Staff at the Centre also prepare articles for publication in academic journals and books. Some members of staff have also authored, co-authored or edited a number of books related to policing and security.

Due to their expertise, staff are often asked by the media to comment on or to write articles for social media on current issues around policing and security, and to offer advice and opinions on numerous policing topics.

This all serves to develop and promote an exceptional research environment for staff and students at the International Centre for Policing and Security.

Vision and Values

“To provide our customers with excellent quality, ethical research grounded in the practical world of policing and security, which informs, educates and assists in the delivery of services.”

World-class facilities

We are proud of our outstanding facilities and our reputation for excellence in Policing and Security. Our Facilities include; a Crime Scene House, a Hydra Minerva Suite and Crime Scene Laboratories.

International Centre for Policing and Security Facilities