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Study With Us

Members of the International Centre for Policing and Security (ICPS) are involved in the delivery of a wide range of modules and programmes on the themes of policing, international security and terrorism at all levels.

Modules offered by the Policing and Security Teaching Team include the following:

  • Digital policing and security
  • Geopolitics 1: UK, EU and the West
  • Introduction to international security
  • Securing communities
  • Law, governance and criminal justice system
  • Understanding vulnerability, risk and threats in society
  • Research methods in policing and security
  • Geopolitics 2: Eastern conflicts
  • Risk management
  • Cybercrime investigation
  • Intelligence and covert activities
  • Terrorism, radicalisation and migration issues
  • Geopolitics 3: Russia, China and Far East
  • Digital security and management
  • Cyber security and warfare
  • Intelligence analysis and INTs
  • Dissertation

Security and Policing Degrees

Members of the ICPS are also actively engaged in the delivery of the MSc International Security and Risk Management.

This Masters security course will develop the practical and theoretical skills needed to operate in today’s challenging national and international policing and security environment.

You will have the opportunity to examine key security issues including terrorism, political violence, cyber security and warfare and the threats to national infrastructure posed by transnational organised crime.

There is a strong practical element: we will teach you how to obtain intelligence from a range of reliable and credible sources and how to analyse this intelligence in order to inform and influence investigations both on and off line. You learn about covert operations and develop interviewing techniques, investigation skills and investigation management techniques.

Security and Policing Masters