Policing Directorate Research

Research Projects

The International Centre for Policing and Security has had a vibrant research community since its inception and has a number of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research students engaged in research on various topics involving policing and security.

In addition, the Policing Directorate staff conduct research projects for various sponsors, including police organisations, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and those involved with community safety.

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   Brian Blakemore            Dr Gareth Cuerden          Dr James Gravelle       Sharan Johnstone           Helen Martin                  

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        Clive Perry                   Prof Colin Rogers             Allison Turner                   Daniel Welch

Research Interests:

Brian Blakemore - Evaluation of policing activities, strategies, campaigns, working practices and recruitment; the role of higher education in the development of a professional police service; policing cyber terror and extremism, and environmental economics (i.e. the monetary valuation of activities or situations when there is no market mechanism to reveal a valuation).

Dr Gareth Cuerden - Reporting hate crime and removing the barriers to hate crime reporting.

Dr James Gravelle - Tasking Demand Management Units (TDMU’S); community intelligence and the use of volunteers.

Sharan Johnstone - Security of personal data and the risks and vulnerabilities within the Internet of Things.

Helen Martin - Immigrants and Their Perceptions and Expectations, and Student Safety and Security.

Clive Perry - Community safety and staff development.

Roger Phillips - Roads Policing and Police Pursuits.

Professor Colin Rogers - Community safety and a comparative study in the UK and Nigeria; application of domestic abuse policy by police officers in wales; the impact of the increasing use of police technology on the relationship between police and community; policing and mental health; hate crime reporting in Wales and the critical evaluation of police leadership styles in the 21st century.

Allison Turner - The impact of the new policing degree upon police culture.

Daniel Welch (PhD Candidate) - Victim satisfaction and domestic abuse in Wales.

Current Research Being Undertaken by Policing Directorate Staff at the International Centre for Policing & Security


Helen Martin - 'Immigrants and Their Perceptions and Expectations of the United Kingdom (UK) Police'.

Helen Martin - 'Student Safety and Security'.

Roger Phillips - 'Police Pursuits'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'Amalgamation/Regionalisation of Police Forces'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'Community Policing in South Wales'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'Contacting the Police: 999 and the Rise of Information Technology (IT) as a Conduit of Information'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'Police Command and Control Structures'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'Police Education'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'Smart City Policing'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'The Rise of Information Technology (IT) and its Impact Upon Policing'.

Professor Colin Rogers - 'The Role of Unsworn Staff in the Police Service'.

Allison Turner - 'Role Play and Police Learning and Development'.

Danied Welch (PhD Candidate) - 'A Critical Evaluation of Police Policy Implementation and Victim Satisfaction of Domestic Abuse in Wales'.

Current Research Being Undertaken by Policing PhD Research Students at the Centre

Sarah Greening (1).jpg     Daniel Welch (1).png

     Sarah Greening                 Daniel Welch

Sarah Greening - 'Assess the Role of Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) Within Current International Methods of Community Policing'.

Nick McLain - 'The Relationship Between Policing Activity and Public Confidence in the Police: A Case Study of Gwent Police'.

Daniel Welch - 'A Critical Evaluation of Police Policy Implementation and Victim Satisfaction of Domestic Abuse in Wales'.

Previous Research Successfully Completed by PhD Research Students at the Centre

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Dr James Gravelle             Dr Garry Thomas         Dr Amanda Milliner        Dr Louise Skilling         Dr Gareth Cuerden

Dr James Gravelle - (2012) Rationalising Crime Calls: A study of Police and Customer Interaction, Pontypridd: University of Glamorgan (now University of South Wales).

Dr Garry Thomas - (2015) A Critical Analysis of the Use of Community Intelligence in Local Neighbourhood Policing in South Wales, Pontypridd: University of South Wales.

Dr Amanda Milliner - (2016) Marginalised Groups and Police Interaction, Pontypridd: University of South Wales.

Dr Louise Skilling - (2018) Preventing Crime in Communities: A Critical Analysis of Community Safety in a Lower Income Neighbourhood in Nairobi, Kenya, Pontypridd: University of South Wales.

Dr Gareth Cuerden - (2020) Identifying the ‘Tipping Point’ to Reporting Hate Crime and Removing Barriers to Hate Crime Reporting in Wales: A Victim Led Approach. Pontypridd: University of South Wales.