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Visiting Fellow - Dr Amber McKinley

Dr Amber McKinley

Dr Amber McKinley is a Clinical and Forensic Victimologist and a senior lecturer at Charles Sturt University’s (CSU) Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security (AGSPS) where she lectures in Theoretical, Applied and Forensic Victimology and Human trafficking: A global perspective.

Her doctoral thesis was completed with the NSW Police Force and entitled, “Homicide Solvability and Applied Victimology in New South Wales, 1994-2013”. Amber is currently enrolled at the University of Maryland, Baltimore studying a Graduate Certificate in Aging and Applied Thanatology.

Her current research includes: the history of Australian familicide from 1816 – 2021; victims of serial homicide in Australia from 1806-2021; homicide solvability; the decline in homicide rates in Australia; vicarious trauma for first responders; interpersonal crimes in the Australian Defence Force and finally, a study of thanatology and suicide for the Australian Defence Force.

Amber works with the Australian Defence Force, Joint Military Police Unit where she researches and writes reports on sexual offences and sudden death for the Provost Marshal-ADF. She also lectures at the Defence Force School of Policing, for the Australian Federal Police and other government agencies.

For a list of publications please see here.