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Policing Research

Led by Professor Colin Rogers, policing research at the International Centre for Policing and Security is focused upon impactive and sustainable research outcomes focused upon improving not just police activities but also the delivery of policing services to the community at large. Evidence based policing, organisational aspects and police education are issues that researchers at the centre are constantly engaged in.

Policing does not exist in a vacuum and is constantly being influenced by wider political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal activities. It is also influenced by the challenges of globalised activity.

Consequently, police research at the Centre is focused upon issues that are critical to the delicate relationship between police agencies and wider communities especially in the democratic policing model seen across the world.

Issues such as policing the pandemic, black lives matter, and police legitimacy are issues that researchers at the Centre are currently engaged upon and researchers have conducted numerous evaluation research programmes for policing agencies across the world. Current work involves the impact of the new policing professional qualifications upon the workplace, as well as the role of volunteers for the future of police organisations.

Engaging with industry partners is also an important aspect of the police research centre, and we currently run masters by research programmes and PhD opportunities for serving police officers and staff.