Visiting Professor - Christoph Weller

Professor Christoph Weller is a  Visiting Professor and a research collaborator with Prof Christian Kaunert of the University of South Wales. 

He is currently Professor and Chair of Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies at Augsburg University (Germany), and was previously University Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Philipps-University Marburg (Germany).

Prof Weller has significant experience in: 

  • Conflict, peace and violence research
  • Sociology of knowledge of international politics
  • German foreign policy
  • Methodology of conflict and world politics research
  • Interpretation battles

Weller completed his doctoral studies in the Department of Social and Historical Sciences at Darmstadt University of Technology with an interdisciplinary study about enemy images in the dissolving of the east-west-conflict and promoted the connection of constructivist approaches of IR with perspectives of peace and conflict studies. He published widely in this area and will bring significant value added to USW.

Prof Weller has been very successful in capturing research funding from a range of sources including the German Foundation for Peace Research and the German Research Foundation, and has considerable experience in organizing research events, workshops, seminars and interdisciplinary cooperation, which have led to a significant number of publications.