Visiting Professor - Anthony Masys

Professor Anthony Masys is a senior defence scientist with the Centre for Security Science, Defence R&D Canada, Department of National Defence, served as scientific advisor to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is a Visiting Professor with the International Centre for Policing and Security at the University of South Wales and Affiliate Associate Professor and former Director of Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance and Homeland Security at the University of South Florida.

Professor Masys has conducted research, lectures and workshops across five continents working with various security and policing stakeholders to better understand global crisis/disasters and design resilience strategies for security and public safety. Dr Masys has a BSc in Physics and MSc in Underwater Acoustics and Oceanography from the Royal Military College of Canada and a PhD from the University of Leicester.

He is Editor-in-Chief of Springer Series: ‘Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications’. He has published extensively in the domains of physics and the social sciences. His research interests focus on policing and security, global health security, disaster forensics, safety and security, risk, crisis and disaster management, resilience, systems thinking, scenario planning, human security, counter-terrorism, complex socio-technical system analysis, modeling and simulation, action research.