Visiting Fellow - Oluwabamidele Kogbe

Dr Oluwabamidele Kogbe has  significant research on regional peace and human security governance dimension of comparative regionalism/ regional integration as well as practical experience.

His expertise in regional security governance and early warning offers insights into the democratic process of policing at the national, regional and global levels, and offers a novel insight in thinking and rethinking counter-terrorism approaches from academic and policy standpoints. 

Dr Oluwabamidele Kogbe has been under the mentorship of Professor Christian Kaunert for the last five years. He started as Professor Kaunert’s PhD student at the University of Dundee, Scotland, in November 2014 and achieved his  PhD ‘Rethinking Civil Society Regionalism in Africa: Critical Reflections on West Africa’ at the University of Dundee in 2020.

Apart from his undergraduate (Nigeria) and Postgraduate (UK) qualifications in Public Administration and Diplomacy, Law and Global Change, respectively, his PhD introduced an innovative framework to analyse how citizens and their regional organised groups and networks such as civil society organisations act in response to peace and security governance issues emanating within the regional structure often represented by a group of states like the African Union, the European Union and the likes.

His natural disposition for academic impact led him to initiate Dundee Africa Research Network (DARN) in June 2015, the network which has made a tremendous impact in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and public engagement on African research in Dundee.