Visiting Fellow - Briony Callander

Dr Briony Callander is an independent scholar and research collaborator with Prof Christian Kaunert. Dr Callander obtained a BSc in Aerospace Business Systems and an MA in Intelligence and Security Studies from the University of Salford and a PhD in EU Politics from the University of Dundee. Dr Callander worked as a Lecturer in International Studies at the University of Salford. As a PhD researcher Dr Callander has had success in achieving significant research funding including securing a prestigious UACES Scholarship and the Lord Cockfield Scholarship.  

Dr Callander has written book with Prof Kaunert on the area of EU aviation security. Her future research will not only expand her work on the politics of aviation security outside of the EU but furthermore the impact on counter-terrorism and international security in the wider sense. 

Dr Callander has recently been sought out by academic staff at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell regarding possible future collaboration in the area of the development of Air Power with a focus on regulation and legislative involvement. 

Dr Callander has worked in the industry for nearly a decade – originally as an Aviation Security Officer and subsequently in Resource Planning, Insight and Operational Support for Manchester Airports Group, based at the UK’s third largest airport. During this time, she has fostered strong connections with various other areas notably Guest Experience (who are responsible for Facilitation), Security Training and Compliance.