Visiting Fellow - Anant Mishra

Anant Mishra is a Researcher at the Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), New Delhi, where his research is focussed on military strategy and tactics. He has a strong interest in and  understanding of radical fundamentalism, Islamist militancy, insurgency, counterterrorism policing in Europe, tactics and intelligence cooperation with special emphasis to Inner Asian and Middle East and North African (MENA) nations.

During his time at the Indian Army War College and Australian Defence College (ADC), Anant analyzed intelligence analysis, dissemination, and collection of intelligence in Indian and Australian security institutions, military intelligence establishments and civilian and police interagency interaction on intelligence. 

Notably, his analysis on the then shattering relationship between Taliban and Al Qaeda proved decisive in the break through of sectoral talks between NDS sector commanders and Taliban factions. The intel resulted in the arrest of two high valued targets which were known to have participated and/on many occasions personally led attacks on ISAF bases in Kunar and in Panjshir.  

He has an academic background in national security, international relations, United Nations (UN) studies and counterterrorism. His Masters research at the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University on Boko Haram gave enormous written material to national security institutions in India. His research has been used by the Government of India, the UN and the Nigerian Government.

Anant has extensive publications in Indian Army’s Centre for Joint Warfare Studies, US Army War College, US Air Force University, Australian Defence College, Australian Army HQ publications and Australian Army PME. He is a member of Institute of Defence Studies Analysis and Centre for Joint Warfare Studies, where he extensively participates in discussions and publishes policy reports.